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JACO RoadPro Tire Inflator Pump - Premium 12V Portable Air Compressor - 100 PSI

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Maintain optimal tire air pressure all year long with this ultra compact, powerful, and portable air compressor pump designed for high performance and reliability on-the-go.

Quick Details

  • Inflation Range: 0-100 PSI
  • Power Source: 12V DC (Accessory Outlet)
  • Working Current: requires 8-9 amps
  • Max. Current: can draw up to 14 amps (if vehicle allows)
  • Max. Wattage: 168W
  • Air Flow: 35L/min
  • Work Cycle: 15 minutes of inflation, 15 minutes of rest
  • Accuracy of Measurement: ANSI Grade B40.1 (2-3%)


  • Reliable inflator pumps compressed air fast & efficiently at 35 liters per minute, simply connect the heavy duty nozzle to your tire valve, turn it on, and let it flow to your target PSI level
  • Durable metal body is grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement; features built-in pressure gauge that glows in the dark & is calibrated to standard accuracy rating of ±2-3%
  • Extra-long 25" reinforced rubber air hose features a solid twist-connect nozzle, ensuring a secure, hands-free seal during inflation; includes adapter set for sport balls, airbeds, & inflatables
  • Spacious 10' power cord provides easy access to all four tires; includes premium quality power plug that connects securely into any 12V DC accessory outlet in your vehicle; working current: 8-9 amps
  • Bright LED safety light ensures peace of mind during night-time & car emergencies. 
Other Notes
  • This model is compatible with 12V car accessory outlets rated at 10A or higher. 
  • Should not be used for large commercial truck tires requiring high inflation pressure (over 60 psi). 
  • Higher pressure bicycle tires (0-100 psi) are compatible.
  • Always operate the unit while the engine is on and running for best performance.
  • CAUTION: Some metal parts on the unit may become hot while operating, always hold the unit only by the top carrying handle during and after inflation while storing away in the included carry bag.

What's Inside The Box?

  1. RoadPro Tire Inflator (includes 12V DC power cord)
  2. 3 pcs Nozzle Connector Set 
  3. Black Carry Bag
  4. Operating Guide

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#1 - How do I connect the nozzle to the tire valve on my car or bicycle?

Carefully screw on the brass end connector of the air hose onto the valve stem of your tire. You may hear a tiny amount of air escape when twisting it on, this is normal. As soon as you stop hearing any air escape and the nozzle is secure, you are good to go! Be careful to not over-tighten.


#2 - What are the two switches on the front of the unit for?

The switch labeled with the “light icon” is used to turn on the LED safety light for night time use. The other switch is used to power on the unit to begin inflation at an impressive rate of 35 L/min.


#3 - Is it normal for the unit to become hot during operation?

Yes, most air compressors will heat up during inflation. Since ours is built to last from metal parts, this is especially true. Only hold the unit by the carrying handle and be careful to not touch the metal parts if you have been inflating your tires with the unit recently.

As a side note, it is important to know that the ‘continuous work time’ for this unit is in 15 minute cycles. If you need to use the compressor longer than 15 minutes, please power off the unit and wait another 15 minutes before using again. However, you should be able to level off all 4 tires in well under this time frame.


 #4 - Should my engine be on when operating the unit?

Yes, we recommend using the unit while the vehicle’s engine is on and running for optimal performance. 


 #5 - Where can I find a reliable tire gauge to confirm correct inflation?

While the dial gauge on the unit is calibrated to ±2-3% PSI accuracy, we recommend always confirming final tire pressure with a reliable tire pressure gauge with a built-in air bleeder valve that allows you to decrease pressure in overinflated tires if necessary.

You can find top-rated, calibrated accurate tire pressure gauges right here on our website!


#6 - Can I plug this into an AC wall power outlet?

Most customers only need this for their automobile or car, so to keep costs down to get you the best price, we don’t include a wall adapter in the set. However, you can find compatible "12V DC to AC Power Converter Adapters (10A or higher)" on sites like Amazon.com.

Furthermore, we do indeed plan on offering a wall adapter as an add-on purchase in the future.


#7 - Will it work with my 10 amp car cigarette lighter outlet?

Yes, the normal working current for this unit is 8-9 amps. The max amperage it will draw is 14 amps if your vehicle outlet allows for 15A or more.

It is compatible with vehicles featuring a 12V DC accessory outlet rated at 10A or higher.

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