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2021: A Year in Review for JACO

2021 turned out to be a massive year for JACO - as our company continues to grow as the industry-leader in high performance tire gauges, inflators, air chucks, pneumatic tools, and more automotive categories.

Here is a quick recap of some notable company milestones achieved in 2021.

1. Business-to-Business

JACO has supplied numerous products to the incredible companies and organizations listed below, developing potential long term business relationships that will help our innovative tools reach many more users.

Notable JACO Customers:

  • Rivian Automotive
  • FLIR Technologies
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Rotary Corp.
  • Best Tugs | Aircraft Tugs
  • AirWave Pedestal 
  • Gen3 Defense & Aerospace 

See our Lightning S-Series Air Chuck being used on a Rivian R1T in the video below. Every Rivian vehicle will come equipped with a Lightning S-Series included in the onboard air compressor accessory kit.

2. Global Industry Leaders

JACO has been mentioned as an industry-leader by numerous market research publications, such as MarketWatch (see below ranking). 

Global Tire Gauge Market Leaders:

  • JACO
  • Vondior
  • TireTek
  • Oasser
  • Tilka Tools
  • Auto Meter
  • Summit Tools
  • Komvox

Source: MarketWatch.com

3. Products, Development, and Innovation (Stats)

From the product & customer side of things, here are some very brief stats/milestones for 2021 alone:

  • Added over 25 unique SKUs to our product catalogue - bringing our total unique SKU count to 50.
  • JACO earned the top rank as the #1 tire pressure gauge brand in the world - based on annual sales data from third-party market tools such as Helium10 and JungleScout.
  • Returning customer rate of 42% - almost half of everyone who buys a JACO product comes back for more.
  • Surpassed over 1.5 million unique customers served.
  • Surpassed 12,500 five-star Amazon reviews across all of our product lines.
  • Ranked as the #2,000 top seller on Amazon.com - out of 9.7 million US sellers (Source: Seller Ratings)

4. Media Buzz

JACO has been featured, reviewed, and highly ranked in many industry-leading publications, including:

  • Car & Driver Magazine
  • Off-Road Magazine
  • Car Bibles
  • AutoGuide
  • AutoBlog
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Off Road 4x4 Nation
  • ... and many more!

5. Giving Back To The Community

We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we serve and causes we support. JACO has contributed significant charitable donations to the following organizations/causes in 2021:

  • Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) - provided funding for local mountain biking trail development & nature preservation.
  • Boulder County Wildfire Relief Fund - provided financial aid for victims of the recent wildfires in Boulder County, CO that destroyed over 1,000 homes, which has affected many families.

Looking Ahead to 2022

In closing, 2021 was a great year for JACO on many fronts, and we plan to keep the momentum going forward here in 2022 with many new innovative tools & accessories planned for launch in the coming months. As we enter the middle part of February, we are excited to announce more partnerships, product launches, and market innovation very soon!

We look forward to serving you!


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