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$ 89.95 $ 159.99

Fully equipped with a variety of our all-new, patented air chucks that have revolutionized the industry thanks to our proprietary AirLock™ locking clamps that provide a 100% air tight seal, quick release valve for rapid disconnection with zero air loss, universal 1/4" NPT threading, and much more.

$ 22.95 $ 39.99

Our first-ever Lightning™ air chuck engineered with performance, reliability, simplicity at the forefront. Simple design with robust features - including AirLock™ internal locking clamps that provide an air tight seal, quick-release for rapid disconnection with zero air loss, universal threading, and more.

Lightning Chucks:

Revolutionizing The Automotive Industry

Engineered & available exclusively by JACO. Our revolutionary patented technology takes tire maintenance to the next level thanks to our proprietary AirLock™ Internal Locking System that grabs the tire valve stem with a simple push and holds under high pressure or movement, providing a 100% air tight seal that is far superior to other air chuck options available. The quick-release button allows you to quickly disconnect the chuck from the valve stem with no measurable air loss.

No more fighting with the valve stem. No more air leaks.