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$ 22.95 $ 29.99

Our first & original Lightning™ Air Chuck has been engineered with performance, reliability, & simplicity at the forefront. Built tough from high-density alloy metal, the S-Series features our patented automatic locking system that offers an airtight push-to-lock seal to the tire valve stem. Rapidly disconnect with zero air loss thanks to our exclusive "Quick-Release" valve.

$ 27.95 $ 49.99

Built from premium high-density aluminum alloy, the L2-Series offers a rugged 90 degree body that allows for access to hard-to-reach valve stems, and the 360 swivel head rotates freely to completely eliminate tension with your air hose during tire inflation. Features patented "AirLock™ Automatic Locking System" and "Quick-Release" valve.

$ 29.95 $ 49.99

First-ever bicycle air chuck that is not only compatible with both Presta and Schrader valve stems, but fully equipped with our all-new "Quick-Release" that lets you rapidly disconnect from tire valve stem with zero air loss. Offers 100% airtight seal to the tire valve stem thanks to our patented quick-twist system. Ideal choice for tire pressure inflation and maintenance on bike tires.

$ 89.95 $ 159.99

Built to last from high-density aluminum alloy for all-day performance in the garage or shop. This starter kit offers a variety of our all-new patented Lightning™ Series air chucks (open flow) that are revolutionizing the industry thanks to our exclusive "AirLock™ Automatic Locking System" that uses internal clamps to lock-on to the tire valve with a simple push, providing a 100% airtight seal that is far superior to any other air chuck available. Rapidly disconnect with zero air loss using our patented "Quick-Release" valves. Include storage case.

Lightning Locking Tire Air Chucks

Revolutionizing The Pneumatics Industry


Patented Locking Tire Air Chucks - Exclusively by JACO.

Our revolutionary patented technology takes tire maintenance to the next level thanks to our proprietary AirLock™ Internal Locking System that grabs the tire valve stem with a simple push and holds under high pressure or movement, providing a 100% air tight seal that is far superior to other air chuck options available. The quick-release button allows you to quickly disconnect the chuck from the valve stem with no measurable air loss.

No more fighting with the valve stem. No more air leaks.

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