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FAQs - Premium Digital Tire Inflator

1) What power source does it operate on?


2) Should the engine be running while operating the unit?



3) What is the max inflation pressure for this unit?



4) What is the best way to wrap up the long power cord?



5) What are the two included nozzle adapters for?



6) Can you walk me through the process of inflating a car tire with this unit?



7) Is it normal for the reading on the display to fluctuate a little bit while inflating?



8) What are the settings of the built-in LED safety light?


9) Can this be plugged into a wall?

When you purchase the unit, you will have everything you need in order to operate it on the 12V DC accessory outlet in your vehicle. If you would like to power it via AC power (wall outlets) you would need to purchase a seperate DC to AC power converter, that is rated to at least 10 amps. We are currently in the process of manufacturing such a converter and will offer it as an order add-on for those who wish to operate the compressor on AC power.