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How-To Get The BEST Results From Your JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital AC/DC Tire Inflator!


Step 1: Watch This Overview Video


Step 2: Read The FAQs

(1) Can I use it for both in my garage wall outlet and my car's 12V cigarette lighter socket?

Yes! Just use built-in 12V DC power cable (stored in the under compartment of the unit) for use in the car, and use the AC cord (plugs into the back of the unit) for home or garage wall outlets.

(2) Where is my AC cord?

We have packaged the AC cord in the side pocket of the carry bag that the unit comes in.

(3) The unit is not turning on, what do I do?

Make sure you have the proper power setting configured with the switch on the rear of the unit. Flip it to AC for use in the home or garage, and flip it to DC for use in the car.

(4) The unit turns on, then turns off immediately. Why is this?

If you are having this problem, it might be the result of two issues:

#1 - you might be trying to turn on the unit too soon after using the automatic shut-off feature. If you are pre-setting the unit to a specific PSI level, make you after you set the pressure that you let the numbers on the display flash a few times and then turn solid before pressing the "on" switch to begin inflation.

#2 - the pre-set PSI level of the unit is lower than the actual PSI of the item you are trying to inflate. For example, if you have the unit pre-set to 30 PSI but your true tire pressure is 32 PSI, the unit won't turn on. To fix this, just follow the instructions using the automatic shut-off feature and set the pre-set PSI level to a number higher than the true PSI of your car, say 35 PSI.

(5) The unit has blown a fuse in my car, what can I do?

Blown fuses caused by our unit are very rare, as we have designed it to be compatible with almost every automobile. If you are operating the unit using your car's 12V DC power outlet, please ensure that the amperage of your car is compatible with 12V / 10A accessories such as the inflator.

Alternatively, you can choose to just use the AC cord to operate the unit, or use special adapters that we can offer if you are still having problems.

If you have issues with blown fuses, please contact us here


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