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3 Reasons You Need This Tool In Your RV This Summer

Regardless of locations, come summer, things take a turn for the better. Sure, the kids are out of school and the weather is nice, but best of all, there’s finally some time for you and your family to hit the open road in your RV, creating memories that will extend far beyond the summer months in which they were created.

That said, as a seasoned RV owner, you’re all too familiar with the dangers of cross-country or even regional travel for extended periods of time. From carefully maneuvering a large vehicle to making certain that you’re always driving defensively, long-distance RV trips come with their own set of innate risks—nothing that can’t be overcome, but they still warrant caution.

As such, it’s imperative that you keep your summertime travel as safe as possible by taking great care of the four points of contact, keeping you and the road at a safe distance—your tires. To do just that, always keep an accurate, reliable tire gauge with you at all times to prevent an accident or untimely occurrence from derailing your family’s fun. But don’t take our word for it—the following are four reasons why:

1) You’ll Spend Plenty of Time Driving

No matter your end destination, as an RV owner, odds are high that you plan to bring about many of your adventures while driving. Unbeknownst to many motorists, however, as the miles pile up on your odometer, the greater the likelihood your tires have of experiencing a loss in pressure.

For example, slow leaking punctures can cause a loss of two to three PSI per day. Additionally, heavy driving can quickly make leaky valve stems and cores a tremendous hassle. Concerned? With a tire gauge nearby, you’ll always know where your tires stand. 

2) Changes In Elevation Can Cause Deflation

Whether you plan to head for the Rockies or spend some time in the swamplands of the Deep South, thanks to sudden changes in elevation, your tires may very well pay the price, losing precious tire pressure in the process.

When you and your RV either climb or descend, there’s a change in external air pressure that doesn’t match the relationship between the air pressure both outside and inside your tires at the time they were originally inflated. Because of this, when you ascend a mountainside, release air. When you head for lower ground, add air. How much, exactly? Once again, this is where your tire gauge comes in handy. 

3) Warmer Temperatures Might Bring About Problems

Changes in temperature can have a significant impact on your RV’s tire pressure. With summer well on its way, if they already haven’t, temperatures are soon likely to sharply increase. Due to the increases in temperature which are bound to take place, the air within each of your RV’s tires will begin to expand, resulting in overinflation.


More specifically, for every 10-degree increase in temperature, your tire pressure will increase by one PSI. Using your tire gauge, make sure that your tires are exactly where they need to be, in spite of the extreme heat.

Having Fun Is Your Family’s Top Priority

Think about it—when you, your family and faithful RV embark on a trip, the last thing you want to think about are your tires. Though they can’t be entirely neglected, with a trusted tire pressure gauge in your RV’s glove compartment, in a matter of minutes, you can access an accurate reading, make any necessary adjustments and get back to having the time of your life. No matter who you are or where you come from, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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