Come Summertime, This Tool Will Save You and Your Motorcycle From a World of Hurt
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Come Summertime, This Tool Will Save You and Your Motorcycle From a World of Hurt

Each of the four seasons brings with it a unique set of appealing factors for travelers. That said, summer is by far the most exciting. And not just for any group of on-the-go outdoorsmen or adventurers, but one in particular—motorcyclists. Whether you prefer the intensity of a bullet bike or the smooth ride of a chopper, summertime means more riding for America’s ever-expanding band of motorcycle enthusiasts.

In fact, so passionate are bikers about their hobby of choice that, whenever there’s an opportunity to make their rides a more pleasurable experience, they pounce on it. For this reason, and in honor of the soon-to-be summer season, here at JACO Superior Products, we’re reminding bikers of the one tool that will not only keep them safe this summer, but extend both the length and enjoyability of their rides—a top-notch tire gauge.

 While planning out this summer’s series of rides, keep each of the following in mind with respect to your motorcycle’s tire pressure. Trust us—come the end of the summer season, with a smile on your face, you’ll be glad you did.

Check Your Bike’s Tire Pressure On a Regular Basis

Depending on the rider or safety expert with whom you speak, you’re bound to get a few differing opinions, here. Generally speaking, it’s suggested that you check your tire pressure at least once a week. In reality, though, the frequency with which you check tire pressure is purely dependent on use and operating conditions.

For example, if you’re the type of rider who commutes to work using your motorcycle every other day or so, checking your tire pressure once a week should suffice. On the flip side of things, if you plan to tackle a cross-country biking trip, bringing some cargo along for the ride, you’ll want to check your tire pressure at least once, maybe even twice a day. Needless to say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Determining the Right Tire Pressure for Your Bike

The question about tire pressure is always the same—with respect to the manufacturer’s recommendation, should you go up or down? As a road rider, the answer is about as simple as they come—adhere strictly to what your tire’s manufacturer recommends.

These days, modern performance tires are designed in such a way that the best pressure for them is the recommended stock pressure. However, if you plan to take your bike to the local track, you might want to alter your pressure ever so slightly

The Risks of Improper Tire Inflation

It might seem extreme, but believe it or not, without the proper inflation in your motorcycle tires, you greatly place your personal safety in jeopardy. In the worst-case scenario, if there’s not enough pressure to force a tire’s bead into the wheel, an under-inflated tire could potentially separate from the rim that supports it.

Or, in a more common situation, a basic lack of pressure leads to a slow, sluggish ride, making the handling of your bike extremely unstable. No matter the power your bike produces, this is a risk worth avoiding altogether.

Always Carry a Reliable, High-Quality Tire Gauge With You

And finally, we come full circle—never leave your garage without a dependable tire gauge. Sure, there’s a great deal a tire gauge can’t do for you and your motorcycle, but when it comes time to take proper care of the two thin strips of rubber that keep you upright and riding fast, you’d be best served to pay attention. As always, the right tire gauge can do just the trick.

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