Lightning™ L2-Series Tire Air Chuck | Open Flow, 1/4" F-NPT (2 Pack)
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Lightning™ L2-Series Tire Air Chuck | Open Flow, 1/4" F-NPT (2 Pack)

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Click or tap on the air chuck and move around to see 360 degree view.

Open Flow Style

IMPORTANT: this is an OPEN FLOW style air chuck. This means that air will flow freely through the chuck as soon as an air source is connected and turned on. There is no check valve inside this air chuck - air will flow through the chuck whether or not it is engaged with the tire valve stem.

Open flow style air chucks are designed to be used with:

  • 12-volt tire inflators
  • onboard air compressors
  • hand-operated tire inflator tools
  • tire pressure gauges

Open flow style air chucks should not be directly connected to the airline of an air compressor with air tank (such as a pancake compressor) since they will deplete the air from the tank. If using with an air compressor with tank, you must also use an inline, hand-operated tire inflation tool.

    Lightning™ Chucks: Revolutionizing the Industry

    With time, comes evolution - and with evolution comes the all-new Lightning™ Series air chuck collection by JACO. This progress is driven by those who demand high-performance air tools built to last for all-day performance in the garage or shop.

    We have completely revolutionized the air chuck from the inside-out with many industry-first features - utilizing patented technology & ultra durable, yet lightweight, aluminum alloy making our Lightning™ Series the most rugged, reliable, and easy to use collection of air chucks ever.

    Introducing the Lightning™ L2-Series:

    The L2-Series features a robust 90 degree (right angle) body that lets you access hard-to-reach valve. Feature ergonomic grooves that provide maximum grip & feel in the hand. Fully rotational 360 swivel head completely eliminate frustrating air hose tension. Fully equipped with AirLock™ Technology and Quick-Release.

    Quick Specs:

    • Quantity: 2 Pack
    • Valve Type: Schrader
    • Angle: Right Angle (90°) w/ 360 Swivel
    • Style: Automatic Lock-on w/ Quick-Release
    • Fitting: 1/4" F-NPT
    • Flow: Open

    * Also compatible with portable 12v tire pumps using our special Lightning Adapter.

      Key Features:

      • AirLock™ Technology: our patented internal locking system uses military-grade locking clamps that grab & hold the tire valve stem with a simple push, providing an air tight seal that will never leak or fail on you - even under high pressure or movement. No more fighting the valve stem. No more air loss.
      • Quick-Release: rapidly disconnect the air chucks from the tire valve stem with absolutely zero air loss - completely eliminating any margin for error when precision matters most.
      • Easy to Use: Right angle (90 degree) body lets you access hard-to-reach valve stems, and the 360° swivel head rotates freely to completely eliminate frustrating air hose tension, so you can make adjustments during tire inflation without the chuck popping off or leaking air.
      • Heavy Duty: professionally engineered with high-density, lightweight aluminum alloy & built for all day performance in the garage or shop.
      • Open Flow: features high-precision threaded fittings (1/4 inch F-NPT) for quick setup with in-line tire pressure inflators and gauges for superior pressure control during tire inflation maintenance.

        Over 35 Years of Experience: The JACO Difference

        Our Lightning L2-Series is backed by our industry-best 100% Lifetime Warranty by the most trusted name in precision air tools. All of our top-rated products are designed, engineered, and performance tested at our NIST certified industrial facilities in Illinois and Colorado.

        Built for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. Experience first hand the greatest advancements in air chucks ever made.

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        Lightning® is a registered trademark of JACO Superior Products

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        1. What are tire air chucks?

        An air chuck, by definition, is simply a device that is used to hold an object in place while it is being worked on by a pneumatic machine, such as an air compressor.

        One of the most common types of air chuck is a tire chuck. Tire air chucks connect to the stem or hose of a tire gauge, inflator, or air compressor. The tire chuck holds the air line onto the tire valve stem, so that air can flow freely between the tire and tool being used to check, inflate, or deflate tire pressure.

        2. What's the difference between "open" and "closed" flow air chucks?

        Open Flow

        Open flow air chucks allow the air to pass freely through the chuck, even if the chuck is not engaged with the tire valve stem. Open flow air chucks do not have an internal check valve. This style is ideal for use with 12-volt tire inflators, onboard air compressor systems, hand-operated tire inflator tools, and tire gauges.

        Closed Flow

        Closed flow air chucks feature internal check valve that block air from flowing through unless the chuck is engaged with the tire valve stem, which makes them more efficient for using directly on the air line of an air compressor with tank such as a pancake-style compressor.

        3. What makes Lightning™ Air Chucks different?

        Our Lightning™ Series air chucks utilize industry-first features that make them the strongest, most reliable, and easy to use air chucks ever made. Before we get into how our Lightning™ Chucks work, let's first cover the other common types of air chucks that you will find.

        Clip-on style

        tire air chuck

        These are the most common air chucks you will see. They have been around for a long time without much innovation or change and are usually made from steel or brass. However, they have quite a few drawbacks.

        If you've ever used these, you probably have experienced how inconsistent they can be. Often times, you will need to "fight the valve stem" to get a proper seal. The clip-on mechanism is usually pretty stiff, and when you do get a decent seal it's hard to maintain that seal without some minor (or even major) air leakage, especially when using with an air compressor or when you move the hose around. These chucks are usually very sensitive to movement, and a slight tug of your air hose can completely compromise your seal.

        What's worse, the clip-on mechanism is not very smooth and often requires multiple attempts to get a proper seal. Also, the body of these chucks are often made up of a few different components that are held together by threading, making them very easy to fall apart on you.

        Manual style

        tire air chuck

        Next, is the "classic" or "manual" air chuck models. These types of air chuck require you to hold them onto the valve stem for as long as you're working on your tires - they do not clip-on or hold the seal on their own. Although these usually have less problems than the above clip-on style chucks in terms of falling apart, they are still a pain because you are required to constantly force the chuck onto your valve stem to maintain the connection. This can become tiresome very quickly, and is our least preferred option due to the difficulty of use and manual labor.

        Twist-on style

        tire chuck

        If you have ever shopped for a portable 12V tire inflator - you have probably seen twist-on air chucks. These types of air chucks are usually made of plastic, steel, or brass and require you to fully twist the chuck on and off the valve stem. These actually provide a decent seal when fully twisted on, but the process of twisting them on and off the valve stem takes a lot of time. What's worse, you are almost guaranteed to lose a decent amount of air from your tire during the disconnection process.

        Although these are okay for casual use (i.e. emergency tire inflators in your trunk) we do not recommend these for anything more than that.

        Lightning™ Air Chucks

        We have solved all of the problems of the previous three air chuck options, resulting in the strongest, most reliable, and easy to use air chucks ever.

        100% airtight seal every time

        Our patented AirLock™ Internal Locking System utilizes internal locking clamps with superior hold strength that lock onto the tire valve with a simple push, providing a 100% air tight seal that will never leak or fail you, even under high pressure or movement. Most of our Lightning™ Series air chucks offer one of more integrated 360-degree swivel points that allow you to completely rotate the chuck from various points, allowing easy access to the tire valve stem from any angle, while eliminating any tension that will cause other air chucks to "pop off" or leak air.

        No more fighting the valve stem for a proper seal. No more air loss.

        Lightning Fast Removal, Zero Air Loss.

        Next, we have integrated Quick-Release Technology into all of our Lightning™ Series air chucks. Our quick-release valves are easily accessible on every model air chuck we offer, allowing you to rapidly disconnect from the tire valve stem with absolutely zero air loss - completely eliminating any margin for error when precision matters most.

        Easy to Use, Built to Last.

        Finally, we have engineered all of our Lightning™ Series air chucks with durable, lightweight, and high performance metal alloys - ensuring they will never rust, wear, or fall apart on you. 

        4. Which JACO tools are compatible with your Lightning™ Series Air Chucks?

        All of our tire gauges and inflator tools that accept 1/4 inch NPT attachments will work with our Lightning Air Chucks.

        6. Will these chucks fit air hoses and tools that are not made by JACO?

        Yes, they are compatible with any air hose or tool that features 1/4" NPT threading. Our Lightning™ Series air chucks are laser-cut to precision with universal 1/4" F-NPT threads for maximum compatibility with any air gauge, inflator, compressor, fitting, or air hose that uses this standard.

        6. Can I use these with 12-volt tire inflators?

        Most 12-volt tire inflators have twist-on or latch-on valve stem nozzles. You can make it work with this special adapter.

        However, we also have a lineup of Lightning extension nozzles that are specially designed for 12-volt tire inflators.

        7. Why are these so much more expensive than other air chucks?

        Lightning™ Chucks are unlike any air chuck you've ever used. We integrate industry-first patented technology that offers far superior performance in every aspect compared to other air chucks available.

        8. Where can I purchase Lightning™ Air Chucks?

        Lightning™ Series air chucks are available exclusively by JACO. We offer 100% Free Standard Shipping (3-5 days) for all orders in the USA when you place an order here on our official online shop. They are also available on our official Amazon storefront.

        Warning of Counterfeit Products

        Since these air chucks feature technology, it is inevitable that counterfeit (and potentially dangerous) knock-offs will be produced by companies that are not authorized to sell our air chucks. Always make sure you are purchasing Lightning™ Air Chucks from here on our online store or official Amazon store. Most customers will buy from us either here on our online store or

        Our technology and branding is protected by US Patent & Trademark Law. JACO is the owner of the Lightning™ trademark will take action against any company or seller that infringes upon these intellectual properties.

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